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I got orders and I'm happy and pissed

This is the deal. I put in for Turkey and Lajes, both of them are remotes but accompanied. My rip came down today and said I was going to Turkey, wooooohooooo, cool beans. After I went to MPF to see if I could get and extension on my report no later than they said it wouldn't be a problem but why did I want to extend that.

I said I have a house to sell, an extra car that I can't ship and a wife and two kids to get ready to go and that it would be tough to do by July 10. They told me that they weren't coming with me, that it was a short tour not an acompanied extended tour.

I'm not *****ing just yet but I've never heard of anyone not being allowed to go on an accompanied tour to Turkey, that is why I put in for the orders to the place. It would be different if I put in for the Korea or Irag tour, no dah that I wouldn't be allowed to take my family.

I'll do whatever the Air Force needs me to do. If I get stuck over there I miss a crap load of my babies younger years, I have a 2 and 1/2 year old daughter and a seven month old boy. But I'll do it, with the hope that I can make a bank load of extra money and get ahead on the whole retirement thing. I've got little more than 6 years left.

Me and the wife have already decided that if I have to give some on the front end to get more on the back end we could deal with it. The biggest thing that sucks is I just went TDY to Keesler for 6 weeks wich wasn't that bad, but my 2 and 1/2 year old daughter told mom she was mad at me for leaving a few days after I got back. It KILLS ME.

Oddly enough my wife used to work in MPF and knows people so she is trying to find out why we aren't being allowed the option on if it is accompanied or non accompanied.

I really don't know why I'm posting this other than looking for someone that knows something about the whole remote tour thing or maybe some feel good from someone. I'll keep ya'll posted if you wish as things develop.
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