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So, Iíve been flamed in a PM for seeming to come down hard on the dad by starting this thread.

My first reaction to the PM was ďup yours!Ē

On deeper consideration and rereading it, I must consider some of the points made, like: I have no idea what it is like to have lost a child, the father may be out of his head and spouting off too much (so what), AND (most importantly) reporters will capture and use whatever clips they deem to be in their own best interest to sell copy.

I hope my parents arenít punished for my sins, and I wonít blame this father for his sonís.

I also realized the hypocrisy in my stirring up muck and what Iíve chosen for my subtitle. I should have just let this heal, and let it get behind us as soon as possible.

I apologize.
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