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I kid the sig owner, of course. If couldn't have Glocks and 1911s I'd own a bunch of Sigs and Berettas. I really dig the P220 and the P228 and I was very shot a 220R last week but I didn't get to spend a lot of time with it. No doubt Sigs would not enjoy the reputation that they have if they weren't top performers.

Let me borrow a page from KYGunDoc's book and re-write it slightly: If you're collecting, get any handgun you want. If you're competing, stick with one manual of arms, one grip and one trigger. I sure wish I could follow good advice when I hear it; if I could then I never would have spent all that time and money jacking around with Lee Reloading Equipment and I would have bought the Dillon from the get go, but I digress.
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