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Originally posted by msg1
So you volunteered for a remote, and got it, and now you are surprised that you have to leave in July and might not get to take your family with you?

I guess you learned the hard way about doing research up front...there are unaccompanied tours in Turkey. And the RNLTD date shouldn't have been a surprise to you either...the RNLTD window is advertised with the assignment cycle. Someone with 14 years in service should know this stuff.

Hope it all works out for you...but you won't get much sympathy from those of us out here working on our 4th and 5th remote tours away from our wives and children.
Just to let you know, if you dig into 36-2110 Incirlik is an accompanied tour, hence the reason I volunteered, I did my research. There was no restrictions on my paperwork, I found out that MPF didn't have a clue. I went through a week and half of crap because some duesch bag SSgt all the way up to the Lt that is in charge of the place doesn't know what the f___ they are talking about. I was building a case to file an IG complaint but they got "clarification" from AFPC that it just becomes a 24 month accompanied. It really was a fiasco that didn't need to happen and is because of piss poor training. I knew what I was talking about, they didn't, I dug into the regs, I'd be suprised if they new wich one covered Chair Force assignments.

I'm still going to file a formal complaint because these guys are messing with peoples careers and don't know what they are talking about. This should be one of the simplest aspects of their job at MPF. I learned more about the assignment process this last week than I ever cared to know.

I can deal with the RNLTD. We can make that happen without to much trouble. It is kind of quick but I was picked up as a re-selectee, meaning that someone else got notified in Dec but couldn't make it so I was the next best thing. That is why it is so quick.

We are all happy we got the remote, we can't wait, I'm extremely pissed at MPF.
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