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Dear Mr Trejbal:

I don't agree that it was right to print this article. Gun owners who have concealed carry are the most concerned about following the law yet you equate us to child molesters. I have known people who carry who are _not_ on your list. Who's the bigger threat to the public? You state that town council members who carry ought to be avoided so as not to annoy them. If permit-holders are so dangerous that they might shoot someone who annoys them, you sure are taking a risk by annoying all of them aren't you?

I don't even know what to say to you. It was obviously lost on you that some people have these permits to protect them from a violent past. I'm not one of these people. I'm just someone who carries a pistol with me while hunting and wished to follow the letter of the law if I ever put it in my backpack. I don't really care if people know if I carry, but I also don't know what business it is of someone in Richmond, Staunton, or Danville. I also don't like the idea that my home might be specifically targeted for theft. I hope you realize there will be more guns and fear on the street because of what you've done, rather than less.

According to the comments page you claim this discussion is best suited for the VA legislature. Well, why didn't you interview anyone in the legislature and ask them why it was publicly available. Instead your shot is across the bow of some of the least-threatening, most law-abiding people in the state. You're article, which is supposedly about the public domain, implies that states that allow CCW have more crime. Is it not possible that there is more CCW because there is more crime?

To sum it up. I hope someone finds a way to sue you and your paper. I hope that you are blessed with the knowledge if someone actually dies because of this article. Gun-control advocates often say "if it saves just one life, it's worth it to get rid of guns". I guess the corollary question would be, "If it harms one life, was it still worth it?"
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