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Originally posted by msg1
If you are not willing to be away from your family without threatening to "go to the IG" then you need to get out. You sound like one of the typical spoiled rotten crybabies that we have far to many of in the Air Force today....

We are at war, so *****ing about having to leave your family is bull**** and saying you would get out if you had to be away that much just highlights my point.

Glad it worked out for you though...enjoy your tour.
I didn't threaten anything, I was documenting all the crapy info that I was getting and using my chain of command to get the situation straightened out. I would have gone as high as I needed to though. You make it sound like I was crying because I had to go to the sandbox for a three month rotation.

It often amazes me how some people can just leave there family for extended periods of time and keep doing it over and over. I wouldn't do it and I would leave if it meant being gone constantly. I've heard stories of people going to Iraq for 6-8 months and then coming home and getting tagged to go to Korea. If your single that is great, being married with a two and a half year old and a seven month old I'd quit.
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