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March 15th GLIPSC Scores

Tonight's match was consisted of 5 D1 targets at distances from 10 to 20 yrds. The shooter started from in between two shooting boxes and could choose either to start in.

Each target was shot with two rounds each then a mandatory mag change was required before moving to the next box in which the same targets were engaged again.

Some of the newer people beat the old hands.

Harold Meyer 33.95
Eric Burke 34.00
Greg Hodges 42.55
Wade Wellman 45.52
Conor Wellman 48.97
John Whitt 49.01
Jack Hood 49.59
Dean F 57.06
John B 57.55
Edward Miles 57.85
Johnathan Brand 58.03
Jeff Diehl 63.31
Otis Fox 77.72
Daniel Meyer 141.74
Claude Wright 162.62
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