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+ 0ne more. Bought my first Glock, a 27, a while back, and finally got around to taking it to the range. I also have a Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Magnum. It's been over 20 years since I have shot a handgun. In my memory (at 63, yeah right!), The Ruger was much less of a hand-full to shoot. I will receive my CPL in a couple of weeks, but will still not be carrying for a while, as I definetly have a way to go in getting a handle on this little missile launcher.

I may have to move that much closer to maxxing out my Visa and get something a litle tamer to carry for awhile.

If I had had enough sense to ask about it on this forum first, like you did, I very well probably would have revised my thinking. No matter what you calibre you decide on, a sub compact is not a good idea for a first handgun.
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