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Bad experience with Old Dominion Arms in Manassas

I dropped off my Browning Buckmark the first week of December to be reassembled (my brother tried to do a light trigger job). I just picked it up yesterday after 4 months of "call next week", "I ordered the part (missing pins) from Brownells", "Browning is sending me the parts." (Note how he quoted 2 different solutions for parts.)

The gun had not been touched, it was in pieces in a cardboard box. The so-called gunsmith asked me if I wanted the new parts, I said "Sure, if there's a receipt for them, I'd be happy to buy them." He puttered around his mess of a workbench for almost 10 minutes before I said "Why don't you give me a call if you find the parts?" and he replied "I'm sending them back."

He obviously didn't have the parts and hadn't touched the weapon. I wish I could find a good local smith.

Both Guns&Ammo Warehouse and Virginia Arms are miles ahead in professionalism, prices, and selection. I like giving my business to small shops but not under these sort of circumstances and I got real sick and tired of waiting in that little shop full of cigarette smoke.

This is not libel; all of these events actually happened.

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