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My recommendation is for you to get the parts and repair it yourself. If you have some patience and mechanical knowledge you can repair most anything on a handgun. Do your research. Pour through the gun boards and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Good gunsmiths are hard to find. In Virginia I don't know of any. I have utilized Gander Mountain once for the replacement of a front sight. They put marks on the front site maring it slightly. Being that it was just the site I decided to let it go. But for the headaches that one encounters it makes you wonder WHY? From now on I'll buy the tools I need and do it myself.

The biggest problem with this country today is that you can't pay anyone to do a job and do it right these days. Everything is either half -ssed or of defective quality. When you can't even pay good money to get a quality product or job then we have really gone to he-- in my opinion.
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