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see above for the typical Nevada attitude towards California. Nevermind the fact that people are moving here FROM California...because if you say you liked ANY part of California the above is the type of attitude you get.

Before the newest outdoor/outlet style mall opened with big name stores (Dillars, Black White, Abercrombie, Hollister, Jared, Coldcreek, Orvis, Apple/Mac store, Buffalo Wild Wings, Coach just to name some of the stores there) the malls here were a dump and everyone here knows it but put up with it. Now I hear about people complaining about the 15 minutes they have to drive to get to the new mall and the fact that it is outdoors is INSANE to people in Nevada.

Nevadans have this idea that their state is the greatest thing in the world and it should just stay as it is. Never mind the new high rises being built downtown, next to the Atlantis casino (which is also building a new convention center) and the Grand Sierra Resort (Formally the Hilton). Northern Nevada just hates anyone who comes in with a new idea. They are a bunch of rednecks and it will always be a white trash town.

Even Sparks people hate coming into Reno. Everyone here trys to think it's such a great place but the schools are 47th in education across the United States. Tell you anything about the area?

Galena, Carson City, Sparks, Double Diamond are much nicer areas. Too bad they are located near Reno. O well.
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