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Well like I said I have only been here for a year and a half and it didn't take long for me to develop that attitude about Californians. I don't hate California. In fact I think it is one beautiful place especially northern CA. The only thing wrong with California is it's loaded with Californians. Liberals that are all moving to Reno anyway and driving the housing prices so high that Nevada leads the nation in foreclosures. That spills over into places like Fernley where lots of retired people live that can't afford it. The typical house in Fernley at the golf course...where I live... should sell for $175,000 to $200,000 max. But because the housing was all bought up by Californians that wanted to make a BIG quick buck, the prices jumped to $300,000 to almost $400,000 then the bottom fell out. We have a bunch of dumbbells still trying to sell their homes for $300,000 plus and it's turning one of Nevada's nicest communities into a giant for sale lot. Most of the homes for sale here are owned by...yep you guessed it...CALIFORNIANS. Many have never seen their homes here.

And why is Nevada ranked 47th in education? Could it be because most of the school aged children CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH??? Take a real hard look at this. LOTS of IAs here and where do they come from??? Yep you guessed it again...CALIFORNIA! I-80 is a pipeline for illegals. They can't get from Mexico directly to Nevada they have to come through some other place and CA is it. I have to pay a premium whenever we go to a doctor or RENOWN medical center because I have insurance but the poor unfortunate IAs don't so give us that extra $100.00 to help take care of them.

Ah well that's life in the Silver State. For the most part I spend all my time in Fernley with some trap shooting in Fallon and I just relax.
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