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$280 doesn't sound bad at all for Sparks. Maybe you better snatch it up.

Fernley is basically a bedroom community for Reno. People work in Reno and just come home to Fernley to sleep. We are trying to change that. We want to build a BIG shooting sports complex here that has trap, skeet, clays and all disciplines of pistol and rifle. We certainly have the room and some support from the BLM but money of course is always the problem. Fun thinking about though.

Fernley's nickname??? Ferntucky We're trying to change that too.

Fallon is a nice little town that has the Naval Air Station, Top Gun, so it caters to the Navy boys. Plus it's the bread basket of Nevada. Very fertile.

One of best things about Nevada is the guns laws. Sheriff here stops you for something and asks if your carrying a gun and you say no he asks "Why not?"

Also being built half way between Fernley and Reno right off of I-80 is the world's largest industrial park. Right now there is a HUGE AND I MEAN HUGE Walmart distribution center. The plans are mighty big and anyone looking for a job will probably have no trouble finding one there in the next couple of years.
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