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Re: Re: Conroe Gun Show

Originally posted by Jack23
Gun shows just ain't what they used to be.

ain't that the truth... I wasn't sure if it was my experience/intelligence making me think they had always been this bad or they had just gotten worse over time, but in hte last few years i've attended one decent gun show, and the only thing i found worhtwhile was a reflex site and a few glock mags... the rest seemed a collosal waste of time... although the last one was much better than previous years... so i'll be going back to the next one to see if it's on the way up or maybe it was a freak accident...

it seems that gun shows used to be a decent place to buy/sell weapons without alot of retail hastle and salemanship, they also used to be a place to find better than local prices... seems to me they've become little more than a place to get ripped off while selling and to pay a bit too much for a gun your local shop might not carry...
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