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Scopes are mostly a matter of preference. That said, if you havent tried scopes of various powers before, I like to have a nice low power on there,because you never know when that shot ends up being alot closer than you thought. Nothing worse than having to much power on the scope at low setting to be able to see your target thats in much closer than you thought.

Unless your going to be shooting at dimes from 600 yards your not really going to need 14,16,18 power on your scope I.M.H.O.
For hunting purposes I have found that I like 3 for my low magnification. I would try to stay in the area of 3- 4 or 4.5 for your low. I have a 3-9X50mm on my Weatherby and 9X is plenty of magnification for hunting purposes even when you need to reach way out there..Again that was my opinion, do with it what you will ,but thats what works for me.

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