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local GSSF-style match at BGSL

Hello fellow shooters,

It is almost time for our first local GSSF-style match of 2007. This local GSSF-style match will be on SATURDAY, April 28, 2007. Sign-ups will run from 10:00 a.m 'til 2:00 p.m. Entry fee will be $15 for BGSL members and $20 for non-members for the 1st gun. Entry fee for second and subsequent entries will be $15 for members and non-members alike. Cash awards for each category will be distributed in accord with the Lewis system, number of awards depending on number of entries in each category.

We have added another category. You can shoot the match with any stock factory pistol that is not ported nor comped and has notch and post sights. So pass the word that the Beretta, Sig, Ruger, S&W Auto (and any other 10 rd pistol I have not listed) owners can come try this out. You can even use a 1911 with 10 rd. magazine! And this group will also have a cash pay-back.

There will be four categories: Amateur Stock Glock; Amateur Sub-Compact Glock; Master Open Glock; and Amateur Other Stock Pistol. GSSF rules on pistols that may be used in the Amateur Stock and Amateur Sub-Compact categories will apply. All other pistols will compete in either Master Open Glock or Amateur Other Stock Pistol. We will be shooting the standard GSSF courses-of-fire so come to Wilmore on SATURDAY, April 28, and practice for the 10th Bluegrass Regional GSSF match which will be held on October 27 & 28, 2007, and/or just to have fun shooting.

If you have not shot a GSSF or GSSF-style match before, the minimum round count is 81 and the max is 107 rounds per category.

Disclaimer: This match is solely run by the Pistol Division of BGSL and is not affiliated with nor supported in any way by either GSSF or Glock.

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