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Originally posted by camoram
Hello fellow Gocker's. Newb here Going to pick up my G22 on the 04-01-07. Purchased at The Gun Room in Elk Grove CA. I live in Laguna Creek. Checking in and would love to have number 13 if it is still available. I do a lot of rifle shooting. I go to NV a lot with friend's for 4 wheeling and shooting. I am a Moderator on a Dodge truck site. I will ask staff before I post the link. We have a Cali Chapter also. Great to see there are local people.

Nathan T AKA CamoRam
Hello! My name is Joey and I followed Nathan over here from that Dodge site. I'll be placing an order for a G29 tomorrow it will be my first Glock so I'm a newb. Just wanted to say hi and request number 55 if available or 1955. Either would do just fine


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