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My favorite gun shop, (besides my own, which is set to open in early June by the way!!!) is Shaw's R&R on Jones Rd and FM1960. They are certified dealers for several brands and carry new/used guns at extremely competitive prices. There is a woman there named Esmeralda that will bend over backwards for you...not literally...but imagine how many guns she'd sell if she did!!

They have several G23 Police reconditions right now, 1st and 2nd Generation. There is one 23 in particular for $389 in great shape. They also have a S&W Tactical .40 that was a Memphis,TN PD trade in that is engraved with the dept. logo. VERY COOL gun, and they only want $379 for it.

Here's the link:

Esmeralda is the woman in the picture.
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