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Re: CCW questions.

Originally posted by ToBePD
According to Michigan Statute 28.425o subsection (f), carrying concealed in a entertainment facility with a seating capacity of 2,500 or more is a no-no. Does this include movie theatres?

When a person with a CPL goes to purchase a gun, do they have to do the mandatory 3 day wait or is it just the purchase permit and registration?

Do business that have signs prohibiting Concealed Carry, carry any legal wieght or can all they do is ask you to leave? I wouldn't want to give them my business anyway but I'm just wondering.

Thank you and I hope none of these questions appeared stupid.
A movie theater with a seating capacity of 2,500 or more would fall under this statute. The debate that combined seating (all screens) or a single room? Bottom line is, that hasn't been determined by the court system and is unclear based on the language of the statute.

A CPL holder does NOT need to secure a purchase permit prior to purchasing a pistol, rather, a RI-60 is completed and the seller submits a copy of it to the State (the safety inspection is still required...for now). A CPL purchase from a dealer may be delayed if the NICS check isn't cleared immediately. If the CPL was issued after November 22, 2005, the firearms dealer is NOT required to perform a NICS check. Outside of that, there is no "mandatory 3 day wait" in Michigan.

Posted "no carry" signs only serve as notice of the rules/terms of the business/property. Assuming that business/property is privately owned (i.e., not a public owned property such as city halls, etc.), violation of that sign/rule only serves as a means to request you to leave or be charged with trespass if you do not comply. If the property is public owned, the signs may not mean a thing (courts have an established no-carry rule that DOES stand). So, in the have it right.
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