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It is not IN Houston, but...

It is still convenient and available.

Mark Kitterman at Summit Gun Brokers (in Missouri)use to have a storefront gun shop but started getting so much business on the internet that he ended up closing his shop.

He does so much internet business because he has such good deals. Look at his website. It is not the most hi-tech site and he often sells faster than he can update his site but he is great to speak with on the phone.

He buys a LOT of LEO tradeins and also lots of confiscated firearms. I got my daughter a factory rebuild G17 for under $400. It cost me $20 to ship it and $15 to transfer. That is less than the sales tax I would have paid locally and it was a great price to boot for a factory warranty pistol. Here is the site:

Look around there and call him to explain exactly what you want if you do not see it on the site. He is a great guy to talk to.

Obviously, I was impressed. Wish I were getting paid for this glowing endorsement.
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