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Originally posted by msg1
Going to the IG is the last thing you should do. First stop is understanding the assigment process and working through your chain of command, not whining about not wanting to leave your family.

Glad I don't work for you (doubt that would be the case anyway)...especially if your attitude is to coddle whiners and encourage them to run to the IG the moment something doesn't go their way...but that's generally the reaction for those who have been coddled as well.
Your distorting this kind of let me tell the story again and maybe you'll get because I am all over the way the assignment process works. I know more than I ever wanted to.

I do my research for remote tours and find out wich ones are accompanied tours. For me that is Diego Garcia, Lajes, and Incirlik. I volunteer for those three tours and few other places. I get a rip from MPF saying I am going to Turkey with a RNLT date of 10 July. I go over to MPF and ask them if I can get an extension of a few weeks for my RNLT date, they so no problem you do it through Virtual MPF but why do I want to extend it. I tell them that I need to sell a house ect; ect;. They look at the rip and tell me that it is an unacommpanied tour because at the bottome of the rip it says 15 months and it is a short tour only, not a long one. Right there they are using the wrong words to describe a short tour, it is either accompanied or unaccompanied, it is either 15 or 24 months. You do a long tour to a non remote area like Germany or you do an extended long tour.

My wife worked in MPF but not in assignments and says there is no restrictions on the paper work and it shouldn't be a problem. She goes over there and talks to them but they say they need to get permission from AFPC to make it a long tour, once again the wrong wordage. My old lady calls one of her friends that works at AFPC and tells her what the problem is, she talks to Chief Bob and he says it should be an accompanied tour but neither one of them will directly help us because we should all know they really can't, also note I wouldn't directly call AFPC because that is a no no but my old lady was calling one of her friends that she regularly talk to on the weekends.

In the mean time I've told my Shirt, SMSgt, and our Commander about the situation. My Shirt gets the numbers to AFPC and he makes the call. He gets ahold of a SSgt that says she doesn't know what MPF is talking about, you fill out a 965 and it is a done deal you take your family. He calls MPF and tells them what AFPC told them and they still insist that they can't change it from a short tour to a long tour that it has to be AFPC. Anyone else see the confuisionism going on here? I hit the regs because that is the only way you can get stuff done half the time is to do it yourself and be sure when your pissing in cherrios that you have all your ducks in a row.

A week goes by and still nothing. My Capt e-mails their LT about the problem and their LT says the Seargent so and so is a competent NCO and in NO WAY can MPF change that tour from a short tour to a long tour, I still have the e-mailed saved and he just pretty much spouted off what his NCO told him. Once again they are still clueless.

About this time I'm ticked at the world and I've already gone as high as I can on my chain of command and the MPF made it to their LT who came back with the smart *** e-mail that sent me over the top. So I put everything in chronological order, saved the e-mail traffic, printed it, and decided I was going to start building for an IG complaint. Granted I had a few more steps to go but I wasn't going to let this slip if it kept on for another 2 weeks.

Another week or so goes by and MPF gets an answer to their e-mail from AFPC and it says you just fill out the 965 and it becomes a 24 month accompanied tour. Two or more weeks of god knows how much undue stress because they lack the proper training. Then on top of that the Seargent forwards me the e-mail from AFPC and he adds to it, it says it has been changed to a long tour. I wanted to scream. Yep I'm nit picking at words but it isn't a little thing, to me it seems like they have learned nothing. They are messing with peoples careers up there and when they dick it up it is like oh well. What if I was a younger Airmen and didn't push. Someone could have gotten out over it.

As far as whining about not leaving my family it would be a different thing if I got orders for a remote to Iraq or Korea, yep I know they can't go there and I wouldn't pitch a fit, I'd either take them or get out. But when you've done your research and know others are wrong what is a matter throwing a fit. BTW your miss construeing the IG complaint. I wasn't going to file an IG complaint because I couldn't take my family, I was going to file it if I didn't get the problem resolved with the last few channels that were open. And most importantly I WOULD HAVE BEEN RIGHT to do so.

I'd like to also let you know I don't think I'm coddled. I do my job as a Crew Chief without complaint. I don't cry if we have to work late to get the job done, it is a mostly satisfying job and my wife being prior service understands the way things work so I don't hear any griping when the day doesn't end on time.

I still don't understand why you would give someone a hard time about picking their family over the Air Force. If I had had kids when I had 4 years in rather than 14 I probably wouldn't have stayed but the wife and I have agreed to give a little bit more on the front end of their lives so I can get some extra time when they are a little older, they will be 6 and 8 when I bail and I plan on going into teaching so I can have the summers off with them, my kids mean everything to me.
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