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I only took the P/T I, I was signed up for the P/T II, but they changed the date (I *think* Scott's wife had a baby?) and I haven't seen the reschedule.

My skill level: I've been shooting for a good long while, but only "seriously" for about 2 years, and only about 6 months with IDPA. I'm no master marksmen, but I know the basic fundamentals, even if I can't consistently wrap them all together.

One of the big things they focus on is grip. When I did right using their grip technique, recoil was nill, and my time to return to target was drastically reduced, even with my relatively light recoiling G17. I've used the technique in IDPA since then, and it really works. Another emphasis was on trigger reset, which I've been practicing, so my skills were honed in that regard.

One of the best things about the course was the fact it was really nothing fancy, and almost everything we did could be duplicated for practice, which I think is vitally important. Rob Leatham could show me how to shoot like him, but if I don't know how to practice it, I won't improve.

For the money, the class was fantastic.

I fully intend to try out the Carbine and Shotgun classes offered by NCDC when I can.

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