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Ever since the early 90s when VSI/SSB caused many mid-level NCOs to get out, FM, the MPF, SG and many other support agencies have sucked royally. Yes, 15 yrs later we are still suffering the effects of the post-Desert Storm drawdown. Each AF member, officer and enlisted, has to know the regs. There is a very high possibility of getting bad or incomplete info from people in those support offies who don't know the regs, won't admit they don't know, won't dig into them, and don't care.

A SrA who works for me has to seperate because the MPF gave him incomplete info. Another SrA who works for me will likely have to seperate for the same reason. Both put in for CJRs. Both were told they can't apply for retraining because they are on the CJR waiting list. The first SrA took himself off the CJR list so he could apply for retraining. As soon as he did that, the MPF told him he missed his retraining window. Since he didn't have a CJR and couldn't get back on the waiting list, he was screwed. The MPF gave him incomplete info. If the second SrA makes SSgt, she can apply for a CJR waiver. If she doesn't make SSgt, she's getting separated too.

Complaints to MPF leadership usually fall on deaf ears. An IG investigation may wake them least for a little while.

I go the the MPF a few weeks ago to get my marksmanship award updated. The Amn at the MPF customer svc desk tells me my CSS does it. I go to my CSS, they say the MPF does it. Turns out the CSS was right. Same Amn tells me MPF employments can update my PME data for me. The TSgt in that office doesn't listen to me when she's on the phone with the ed center, so I get a run around there. Finally, I go to the ed center myself, explain what I need, what proof I have and am told they'll take care of it. Voila, it's me. I have a job in the AF. It's not Personnel. I am an expert in my job, I shouldn't have to be one on MPF processes.
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