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PROP 174

It is not suppose to affect ranges, only those who want to hunt or shoot on their land in Marion county.
I suggest everyone read this prop!

Trust me this will affect all ranges in Indianapolis. It will also affect many other counties in the state as most counties eventually do what Marion does (i.e. the smoking ban). The catch with this mess is that all ranges will have to pass a safety inspection by the sheriff. Who sets the criteria for this inspection? The sheriff sets the standard and the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee approves the standards. All it will take is an anti sheriff and an anti committee and we will not be shooting in Marion county anymore!

Should not affect carrying as that is a state issue.
This prop wont affect your right to carry as long as you are an irresponsible gun owner who has no problem carrying a tool that you have not properly trained yourself with! If you are a gun owner who likes to put some rounds down range in an effort to train with the tool you carry everyday then yes it will affect your right to carry!

There is a hearing on this prop on April 17, 2007 at 5:30 P.M. If you are a gun owner and you give a damn about you rights you will be there! If your not there don't come crying when you can't do a little target practice!

Sh33pdog out!

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