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Meeting w/ pro 2A attorney scheduled

Originally posted by minuteman32
I was just contacted by the president of a local organization who informed me that he was contacted by a local attorney, who had worked on pro 2A matters in D.C., who has offered his services to organize & fight the Marion County shooting ban proposal! The specifics are in rout to me @ this time, but he would like to meet w/ 'us' on Thursday evening @ 6 PM @ his office (he offered the use of his boardroom) on Delaware St. (address forthcoming).
He said that if we can organize effectively, we can beat this. And, he is volunteering his services.
As soon as I get more specifics, I'll post them here. I hope that we can get a good turn out & some good ideas.
Tell even your "Elmer Fudd" friends, because they won't be able to shoot trap/skeet/etc., or hunt in Marion Co. if this goes through.

Okay, just got the email, which I'm just going to copy/paste here;

This is the run down on what I spoke to you about this morning. I heard from a local Pro-2nd Amendment attorney this morning. His name is Ros Stovall and he has worked on pro-2A issues in Washington. Ros has offered to help us defeat Proposition 174. We are planning a meeting at his downtown Indianapolis office this Thursday, April 12 at 6p.m. His office is located downtown at 225 North Delaware. He has asked if we could get some people together to help work on this issue. Please contact anyone that you feel could help us and give them the details on the meeting. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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