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From supporters in Southern Indiana.

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Several weeks ago I received a letter about the Marion County city/county council in Indianapolis, Indiana entertaining the prospect of restricting shooting in that area.

On March 26th, Councilor Angela Mansfield, introduced a proposal to expand on a 1975 ordinance that prohibited shooting within the old city limits.

Now, because of development and expansion, she wants this ordinance to include the entire area. This will absorb areas that were hunting grounds and in some places still are.

Researching Indiana's preemption law Section 35-47-11-1(c) it appears that because this ordinance was in effect prior to the preemption statute they will be allowed to do this, unless there's enough people to oppose it.

She's concerned about festive gun fire and hunters. I guess gang bang drive by shootings isn't a big deal anymore.

According to her press release she has support from some NRA members and a former gun shop owner.

The article reads that these folks are more than willing to accept these new restrictions, because it excludes some areas of the county that are not yet developed, however, once they too reach the point they determine too populated those areas also will be restricted.

Here is a little of Proposal 174 that does not appear in the press release, and remember this is being supported by people we might think are on our side.

Sec. 451-8. Written Approval by the Sheriff for Private Shooting Purposes.

(a) A person may apply to the sheriff for written approval to shoot firearms on his/her property if his/her property is at least 15 acres for a limited period of time not to exceed one year. The application must contain the following:

(1) Name of the person who owns the property;

(2) Names of any other persons that the owner is permitting to shoot on his/her property;

(3) Address including boundaries of where the person proposes to shoot;

(4) Time period requested to shoot; and

(5) Purpose of the request to shoot.

(b) The Sheriff in his sole discretion shall determine if the shooting activity on the property presents a danger to any person, animal or property outside the boundaries of the property.

(c) The Sheriff may revoke the written approval prior to the expiration of the time permitted for shooting if the sheriff subsequently determines that the shooting activity presents a danger to any person, animal or property outside the boundaries of the property or is in violation of any section of this code, or of any applicable state or federal law.

(d) The sheriff may collect a fee of $100 from the applicant.

SECTION 3. This resolution shall be in full force and effect upon adoption and compliance with I.C. 36-3-4-14.

The foregoing was passed by the City-County Council this _____ day of __________, 2007, at _____ p.m.

$100.00 and permission to shoot on your own property? No this won't cause any problems.

I've been told that there may be a hearing on this on April 19, but it may already be a done deal. I hope that some of our group who live in the Indy area can get more details or attend this hearing.

I had intended to write on another subject, but I'll save that one for another day.

This story here though points out why those of us who understand the REAL REASON FOR THE SECOND AMENDMENT become so frustrated with people who claim to be on our side and jump on board with some gun restrictions for the other guy.

These milkweeds feel so good about themselves because they can accept compromise, especially when it's someone else who pays the price.

I don't know who the ,"former gun shop owner" is, but I wonder if it ever crossed his mind when he was in business that if no one can shoot a firearm why would they bother to buy one?

I understand that subdivisions have spread out and taken up what was once open land. Gun owners need to be alert to what is happening around them. They need to support their local gun ranges. It would be nice if they could provoke their state legislators to push for land to be set aside for gun range development.

Here in Indiana there is a lot of old coal mine land that would make terrific shooting ranges. Sadly,now some of that land is being built up as residential.

In the future we may have to drive a half day to get to a range and then you may need written permission to spend the gas to drive that far and for that purpose.

Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots
Organizing Indiana RKBA

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