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Good Day Mace85,

Totally nasty luck for Kay in getting bit by a snake. Apparently from the messages on the Enos forum she is well on the way to recovery. The early rumors did not play out. She is pretty fortunate as those critters can do a real number on ya. It is my understanding that she is at home and doing better.

Sorry to hear about your scoring issues. I concur with you regarding the stages. Nicely done and just the right amount of fun. I am slightly bummed that they threw out stage 7. If memory serves that was my best run of the match 95/200 < or whatever the final count was >. Good thing I'm not counting on my scores to keep me happy! I'm just happy that I could even make a good showing shooting production amonst all the mega blasters that were there. There are times where I think I should just shoot limited minor. I'm probably better off with all the exercise that I get from all the mag changes in production class....

Yes, the DDC is principally my only “big” match of the year. Family and work tend to keep my weekends pretty full. I do every now and then make the run up to Pima for a Sunday USPSA match from time to time. Let me know and I'll meet ya there < it appears to be roughly half way for each of us >. I mostly do the SE AZ regional matches, casual not USPSA scored stuff.

Which reminds me I need to check the ammo inventory for a possible match this weekend. Glad to hear that you had fun at the DDC too. See you on the range some time!

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