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Originally posted by RF7126
Forgive my ignorance; is this part of the National Guard training area? I spent some time there training for the Civil Air Patrol and I didn't remember it being accessible to the public. It sounds like a neat range to visit.
It is open the the public and is managed by Indiana DNR. There is an identical range facility in Huntington at the Edward Roush Resevoir. I havent' been at Huntington for about a year but I think you could shoot all day for $4-5.

Every 15 minutes or so there is a mandatory cessation of firing to allow people time to check\change targets. They are very strict about the safety rules which is a good thing. It's where I take my nephews shooting so that safety is drilled into their heads.

The Huntington facility has pistol ranges of, I believe, 10 and 25 yds (or maybe it's 25 and 50) and rifle ranges of 50 and 100 yds.

I should add that each facility costs about $1.5 million so it might be nice to drop the DNR a thank you note if you like the facilities.
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