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Angela Mansfield, the author of Proposal 174, said she wanted time for people to digest the changes she had made since the original plan drew heated opposition. Her goal, she said, never has been to infringe on constitutional rights to buy or own a weapon. Instead, she said the ordinance aims to ban people from target practice or celebratory gunfire that endangers residential neighborhoods.

"I recognize that this does not deal with criminals who don't care about the laws," Mansfield said. "There are a lot of people in our community using bad judgment about where they shoot. This gives law enforcement another tool."
I would love to see documented cases that involve all these many people in our community using bad judgment. I never knew it was a problem.

And Hupfer is spot-on, there are already ample laws at the disposal of law enforcement. Enforce those.

I've already "digested" the changes in her ordinance, and the resulting turd is too big to flush down my toilet. Anyone know a good plumber?

Here's a question for people who know more than me. She cited anecdotal evidence of this "widespread" problem - hearing gunshots, neighbors with bullet holes in their roofs, etc. Does she live in an area that would be covered by this ordinance? Just wondering...
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