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While I deeply affirm his desire to be very careful and realistic with bringing up anything to do with guns and school, I have to disagree with 10 Ring's conclusion here. Just as flaming liberals can be wildly reactionary in their gun control rhetoric so too we shooters can be stupid in the way we press our rights, shooting ourselves in the foot. In other words, we need to be strategic in the battles we pick and not plunge headlong into quarrels that are relatively insignificant.

Korey, you should not do anything that is illegal and could land you in jail. It would be far better to forgo shooting with your friend rather than try to hide your gun in a bag and potentially be prosecuted. You can be held accountable for rules, policies, and laws that you know nothing about, and ultimately you need to be responsible to find out what the standards are. Take the high road here by either carefully talking to a sane administrator (they do exist, especially at a Christian school) or finding a way to secure your beloved G22 off-campus.

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