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From: jmtomes@(jmtomes) Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2007, 6:48pm To: "Undisclosed-Recipient:;" Subject: Marion County 174 and DNR
___ There is no denying that it will be difficult for all of us who support the Second Amendment to continue to promote and defend our Rights since the horrible episode in Virginia, but this is not the time to retreat.
___ The debate on the rights of citizens to protect themselves by being armed never gets this kind of media attention on it's own merit._ It only receives this amount of air time after a terrible incident.
___ Some may believe that those who support gun ownership should lay low for awhile._ I emphatically disagree.
___ Are we to keep quiet while the other side boldly steps up to every camera and microphone in the country to present their arguments supporting gun control?
___ Absolutely not!_ We must continue to stand up for what it is we believe and to explain to all those who are now hearing and listening to all the debating and pleas being made for, "sensible new gun laws".
___ I just had a phone conversation with Indianapolis,_Marion County Council member Angela Mansfield about her Proposal 174.
___ This is a proposal that will change_gun owner activity because of the expansion of residential and commercial property in the Indy area.
___ We talked for about an hour and Ms. Mansfield told me that she has made some major changes in her initial proposal._ She is going to send me the revised edition, but she told me she has dropped all of the offensive portions of that measure.
___ I can tell by our conversation that she is hoping to arrive at an agreement that will make everyone happy._ I also brought up some points of concern I have about_the references to_paint ball guns and other air or spring propelled guns._ She said I was the first to bring that up and wants me to send her an e-mail detailing that.
___ The next hearing on this will be on May 22 at the city/county office at 200 E. Washington address in Indy._ She has had other hearings on this so as to fine tune this to everyone's satisfaction.
___ I hope that some of our members in the area will make the meeting._ Angela_seemed willing to accept our views on protecting gun owners and gun rights._ She's agreed to keep us posted via e-mail on this issue and any other gun issues that may come up._ We appreciate that.
___ I was also given a notice from our good friend Dave S. in the mid part of the state about the DNR meeting concerning making permanent the rule to allow the carrying of firearms on state owned property and state parks.
____ The hearings will be held at 6 p.m. (EDT) at the following locations:
1) Tuesday, May 15, at the Patio Building at the Miami County
Fairgrounds located at 1029 W. 200 N. in Peru (Miami County)
2) Wednesday, May 16, at Spring Mill State Park in the Lakeview Room;
6666 Hwy 60 East in Mitchell (Lawrence County)
Specifically, the changes would permanently allow individuals with
handgun licenses for personal protection to carry a handgun on DNR
properties. The other changes involve hunting activities on both private
and public land. Those with handgun licenses for personal protection
would continue to be able to carry such firearms when hunting wild
turkeys or when hunting deer with a bow and arrow. Similarly, properly
licensed individuals would also be able to continue to carry a handgun
when running dogs for opossums and raccoons during the chasing season.
Previously, DNR rules prohibited carrying licensed handguns in these
instances. These proposals allow a means of personal protection while
hunting or visiting a DNR property.
___ I will be a guest on the NRANews radio program tonight at 9:40 PM Central time to talk about some of these issues._ As always I appreciate their invitation.
Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

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