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Originally posted by TattooedGlock
Sorry I missed it. I've been wanting to get into IDPA for a while. I live on the NE side of SA and I think you're the only range around here that does IDPA. I'll have to keep my eyes open for the next shoot.
Actually, as much as I would like to have you come to a Texas Tactical match, we are not the only game in SA. River City Shooters has an IDPA match each month. This month they are pretty well occupied with the Fiesta Regional match but will start up again next month. There are some nice folks there. They shoot at the Blackhawk Range off I-35 Southwest outside Loop 410. I have come down from Austin from time to time to shoot there. So it is not a bad drive.

To get info on Texas Tactical match schedule, Maps, match descriptions etc, go to:

Next months schedule is not up at this time but should be soon.

You can get info on River City Shooters at:

Hope to see you soon.
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