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Originally posted by CentralMsGunFan
that sounds you have any lawyers to help?
I have a few in mind. Some I shoot with, that would probably be interested. I'm in touch with the VCDL board about how to go about setting this up. They are a non-profit organization 501(c) corp. I need about 5 individuals that are EXTREMELY devoted to seeing this set up.

PM me if you are VERY devoted to this. If you just want to sit back and watch, that's ok too, but I need hardcore, get out and talk to people, don't ever back down type of people.

This organization is going to be ONLY a firearms specific group. We are not going to tackle anything but gun laws. The VCDL advised me to keep it gun specific. They said that some will try to make it about illegal immigration or other issues and that if we don't agree exactly on issues, it would destroy us... so, to keep it about gun laws only. Makes sense to me.

I don't care what other beliefs you have, as long as you are a pro-gun guy (or gal!). We're going to keep it pro-gun!

So, PM me, I'll shoot you my email address/phone number, and we'll get this started.

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