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Just wondering, does Wake County have a "chicken or the egg" thing going on or did I mis-understand something?

All their info states: "At the time of application, the applicant must present":
1. Certificate of course completion
2. Two sets of fingerprints
3. Photo ID
(and I'm assuming (4.) is the notarized application package).

My class is scheduled for May 5 so I went the other day to pick up the application and while I had time (and had paid for parking and risked life and limb dodging all the construction), I thought I would do the fingerprint thing while I was there. But when I went in the fingerprint office, they told me I had to have the certificate of course completion and be physically sent to finger-printing by the application clerk. Following that logic, I will be presenting the application without the fingerprints. Of course, every time I interact with our state or county govt, its an ordeal.

So are these the steps:
1. Take the course
2. Get the application package, complete it and have it notarized.
3. Present the application and ID at the permit office.
4. Go next door to the fingerprint office for prints.
5. Wait four weeks and re-post a woo hoo on GT?
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