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Originally posted by TreehugginGlock
Glad to have you. You should come by Bluegrass Indoor on a Thursday night and come shoot with us GLIPSC folk. You can use your Sig or Glock or.....we don't descriminate. It's a lot of fun. On Tuesday nights there's an IPSC group (Hidden Hills) that shoots. They are tons of fun too.

Hope to see you there.
I'd like to get involved with some type of club like that. I think Bluegrass used to be Ray's indoor shooting range, looks like the same location, haven't been to Bluegrass though. What times should I arrive to get signed up?

I just got back from out in Crestwood. Nice place, but pricey, $21 an hour.

I put my first 100 rnds through the 26. I was quite surprised with the accuracy out to about 30ft and closer. 40-45ft wasn't too good for me. I can usually hit pretty well with my Sig or XD at 40-45 ft, so not sure if its me or the pistol.

At any rate I was more concerned with 20ft and closer for this little baby as it is my concealed carry pistol. And by the end of the second box of ammo I was able to put the rnds where I wanted them. So in that respect I am very happy with it. Also it is a very smooth weapon. I feel very confident shooting it. Starting to wonder if I should get rid of my XD-9 for a Glock 19???
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