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Originally posted by Calhoun123
I understand what ya'll are saying, but....

all types of schools and colleges/universities are ALEADY gun free zones with the one exception of dorm residents going to and from their vehicle. There are no other exceptions including CCW.

IF CCW was specifically allowed on campus, it would be a net gain for our side.
OK one more time

It would be a net loss since we would be lose the to and from the vehicle or even storage in a vehicle. -- Loss

Your thinking that a law that allows CCW on campus would be a gain however it is not a gain since the college would not be forced to allow CCW. The law would just not prevent them from allowing CCW. In other words the college could allow CCW just like any other business, however LSU, Loyola, Tulane and the county colleges all have totally anti - gun policies and administration that will post signs saying no guns allowed which allows them to deny CCW even if the new bill provides an exception for CCW on campus.Property owners have the right in LA to deny CCW at any time by posting a sign - That does not go away so in effect this will be a paper gain but it will never be realized. - neutral

So we have a loss plus a neutral -1 + 0 = -1 LOSS

It will be better to just vote down the bill (as it is with all bills from anti gun politicians) I completely disagree that this bill is inevitable --most anti gun legislation dies in the LA assembly. It is poorly thought out compromises that put our rights at risk.
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