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I don't mind this debate, but your incorrect.

Carry in a vehicle, in a dorm, etc. is prohibited by every college, but applies only to students and is policy not law.

Carry on campus by anyone (except a student violating policy and going to/from car/dorm) is currently a crime, even with CCW.

Carry in a vehicle is not a crime by anyone with or without a CCW. The vehicle is an extension of ones home per LA constitution IIRC. No proposed legislation can or will change this.

If my suggestion made it into law, the only thing given up would be the ability to break campus policy without also being charged with a crime. So a dorm student couldn't bring a firearm into a dorm. I don't like that becoming law, but its not a bad policy since most dorm students are 17 to 20ish and not even old enough to get a CCW.

If we gained legislative approval to CCW in gun free school zones we would have just that - - legislative approval. A government subdivision (ie: college) could not countermand state law and prohibit it. The whole idea is that not only colleges, but all schools would be FORCED to accept CCW. Now, private colleges could post, but they can do that now. Regardless of whether my view or yours (collective you) is correct, nothing would prevent legal carry in a vehicle.

FWIW, you mention that one sign makes CCW illegal. That is technically not true. There is NO REQUIREMENT for anyone to post a sign at all. According to the STATE POLICE CCW UNIT you are responsible for asking if a business has a policy against CCW in order to be incompliance with the law. Now, I have lots of issues with this and personally feel it is a grey area, but that is the way the law is being interpreted by the state police. I would like to see a change to the Texas 30.06 type sign for a business to legally deny CCW and eliminate current ambiguity.
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