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Correlation does not equal causation. In order for this to work, you would have to control for other factors that influence crime, like poverty levels, unemployment rates, demographics, police presence, etc. This makes a study of this nature MUCH more difficult.

An independent study published in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology called "The Effectiveness of Legislation Controlling Gun Usage" made an attempt at controlling for other independent variables linked to crime. They holistically "graded" the gun control laws in each state and their grades were similar to those of the Brady Campaign. They then used a "multivariate linear regression analysis," meaning they controlled for the other independent variables mentioned above, to try to establish a causal link (rather than a simple correlation) between gun control and crime.

Even with a study as complex as this one, there are still flaws that make it arguably inaccurate. Your study is a good exercise, but it by no means proves anything.

I personally am against stricter gun control, but I just wanted to point out what your opposition would tell you if you showed them this study. Playing the "devil's advocate," if you will.

EDIT: I just saw your disclaimer at the bottom of the page where you say basically the same thing I just said. I agree that it is an interesting study, just not a definitive one. I also agree that, from the research I've done and from the common sense/logical argument, gun control just doesn't work.
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