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As you can see from this article REp Gallot is fully intending to prevent firearms in cars via his legislation This man can not be trusted.

A small group gathered Tuesday afternoon in the Atchafalaya Room in the Union on for a panel on gun control laws organized by Student Government.

The panel was moderated by SG Director of External Affairs Calder Lynch and included LSUPD Chief Ricky Adams and Rep. Rick Gallot, D-Grambling.

Discussion surrounded the new bill Gallot plans to present before the legislative session. The bill would outlaw firearms in residence halls and apartments on college campuses if passed.

Gallot said he originally introduced the bill in 2003 after finding a loophole in the current state law allowing students to have firearms in dorm rooms and vehicles as well as when transporting the firearm between the two places. Gallot said this was contradictory to University policies, which outlawed weapons on campus.

The bill failed, but after the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, Gallot decided to reintroduce the bill.

"What this bill would do is close that exception," Gallot said.
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