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Originally posted by Calhoun123
FWIW, you mention that one sign makes CCW illegal. That is technically not true. There is NO REQUIREMENT for anyone to post a sign at all. According to the STATE POLICE CCW UNIT you are responsible for asking if a business has a policy against CCW in order to be incompliance with the law. Now, I have lots of issues with this and personally feel it is a grey area, but that is the way the law is being interpreted by the state police. I would like to see a change to the Texas 30.06 type sign for a business to legally deny CCW and eliminate current ambiguity.
First off, just because someone works for the LSP CHP unit does not mean that they have the first idea how to interpret law, nor does it mean that thier opinion matters. There is no way someone is going to get convicted (nor likely even arrested) for being in a business that is not posted (as long as they leave if asked). I called the LSP unit a couple times and got answers that totally contradicted the law. For further reading, I wrote an article that parallels this subject:

Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Revocation- Just Causes

Here is the CHP law (read it for yourself and see if it puts such a requirement on you): RS 40:1379.3 Statewide permits for concealed handguns; application procedures; definitions

1379.3 DOES outline a need to obtain express permission inside private residences. It does NOT outline a need to obtain such permission in a commercial or public area. If the legislature had intended that to be the case, they could easily have said so in the law. The fact that they include that requirement for one and omit it from the other is a rather blatant implication that it is NOT a requirement. As with many LEOs (and I am pro-LEO, don't get me wrong- this is just a fact)- they spend very little time studying the law and mostly propogate the opinions of others around them. Study the law so that you know it for yourself, and then fight for your rights when challenged. You will win one way or another if you perservere- there is always Federal court if they deprive you of your rights.

Point is, don't bother asking LEOs about the law, unless you just want to know what they think for the sake of knowing what they think. Maybe some LEOs sit around reading the law as some of us here do, but that is a boring pasttime for most folks, so don't be suprised to find it extremely uncommon.

Just my $.02

Oh, and I second the "fight every bad bill w/o compromise, introduce good bills and back them" theory, FYI.
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