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Originally posted by Soul Hunter
boom - thanks. lays it out just how I needed it. my permit terminates in July - but if the 45-day wait is the norm, figured I better get going with the application now.
Yeah, I waited too late and had a 7 day gap between the expiration of my old one and obtaining the new one.

Thought it expired later than it did, but thankfully the Roanoke Times save me by printing that list and letting me know (okay, it was good for me ..... don't flame).
Fired a round into the floor while pistol whipping the guy?

How many times do I have to remind everyone -- KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER WHEN PISTOL WHIPPING SOMEONE. It's just common sense.

Moderators, can we get a sticky on the proper and safe way to pistol whip someone?
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