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Gallot's bill can't override the state constitution to ban guns in cars. BTW, he has not contacted me again about his legislation. So, I am sure he is uninterested in my suggestions anyway.

I agree about not asking cops to interpret law and instead going straight to the law or an attorney. But, it is darn sure important to know how they do interpret it in order to "pick your battles".

Finally, someone please show me one piece of prop CCW legislation that has made it out of committee in the last 10 years. Show me one that has even been introduced. We may have a legislature that is against new gun laws, but we don't have one willing to even consider rolling back the ones we have.

On a personal note, before ya'll crucify me any more, I felt this was a place we could give a little to gain alot. I can't imagine any other area in which there is room to give anything nor can I imagine anything we could gain that would be greater than what we would have to give up.
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