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Originally posted by Tvov
Okay, I read some of that thread, but it is long and full of legal articles etc. I agree with the "no" guy. My understanding of CT law is that a loaded pistol HAS to be concealed on the person with the permit. A bunch of posts over there kept bringing up the part about having a loaded gun in a car with a person with the proper permit. Well, that "permit" is a Concealed Carry Pistol Permit. So my take is that a loaded pistol, in a car, HAS to be concealed on the body of the person with the permit.

My understanding of transporting other guns, such as rifles, is that they are to be unloaded, and the ammo is to be locked up separately.

My understanding, also, is that you can own a pistol in your own house and walk around with it (in your house) all day long without a permit.

People can pick apart the laws all day long. The particular incident described in that thread, about the off duty officer being told to not bring in his weapon, was one of those incidents that every law can't cover every time. Do you really want laws to be THAT specific? I am surprised that the supervisor did not allow the officer in with his weapon, but that was his call at the time.

I've lived in CT my whole life, and I never seem to have any problem with the gun laws. CT is FULL of people who carry concealed, and that's just it -- it's concealed, so you don't know they are carrying. Get a concealed pistol permit, which you will get if you don't have any criminal record, and you are good to go. If you choose to carry, keep your gun on you and concealed.
CT has no statutory prohibition on open carry. The permit says "State Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers". The "requirement" to conceal is the fear of being arrested and having your permit subsequently revoked, with the charge being "creating a public disturbance", or a similar charge.

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