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Originally posted by bigtuna
Needed to resurrect this thread...

I'm now living in Hawaii as a full-time resident, where the gun control laws are oppressive and it's actually costly to go through the process to buy a gun.

My father lives in Florida and I plan on visiting him at least once a year. I have pretty much all the handguns I've been interested in buying, but I'd like to buy an AR-15 complete lower receiver.

When I visit my Dad in Florida, can I buy an AR-15 complete lower receiver as a non-resident of Florida? I'm not sure if that's considered a long gun or what, and I don't know if there's a consensus here as to whether a non-resident of Florida can even buy a long gun. AR-15's are legal in Hawaii, the only restriction is a 10-round magazine cap.

I wanted to buy an AR-15 complete lower receiver in Virginia where I'm visiting next week, but the dealer said "You can buy long guns from me if you're from a state which I'm familiar with the laws. But I'm unfamiliar with Hawaii laws, so I better not sell you any long guns." Not very helpful.

Also, can you recommend a (helpful) gun store in the Venice or Sarasota area? I'm sure an e-mail or phone call to them will answer my question right away. Thanks.
You can certainly buy a gun and have it shipped to an FFL in Hawaii and take delivery there, provided it's legal.
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