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Originally posted by leper65

I'm glad that all worked out in the end. That kind of crap was one of the many frustrations that made my retirement an easy decision. You shouldn't have to do their jobs for them at MPF, Finance etc. Any time we had to deal with them we expected crap like to happen. It's like that all the way to end. I went in for my first retirement briefing and I immediately knew I was in trouble when the "briefer" was a 2 striper. Good luck in Turkey!
Ya know it is ridiculous the piss poor training they have. I'm in maintenance and I don't expect a one or two striper to know jack squat but then again I wouldn't send a one or two striper to go do some trouble shooting or engine runs either. I also hope that when they have problems or don't know what to do they get some help rather than just sit there with a blank look on their face.

Here is another good example. I do the crew chief training for the new 130 guys and their last stop is at here at Little Rock airplane patch. Two of the students are married and have houses and they are staying here and wanted to get their house hold goods shipped down here. I told them to go to TMO at lunch.

They come back and I ask them if they got their stuff straight and I got a little bit of silence and then a "not really". I stopped them before they said anything more and I asked if they talked to an airmen that just pulled out a piece of paper and started highlighting items on it, I told them he probably started at about a third of the way down on the page.

That had them both laughing their .sses off. They said whenever they asked questions they just got a blank look and finally the airmen told them if they wanted to they could just drive to the nearest AFB by their home and they could do the paperwork there. For one of them that AFB is here, he lives two hours away and the other it would have been over 500 miles from his home.

They are new guys though too and probably have been in longer than the airmen at the TMO office so they were kind of afraid to ask for someone else like the NCOIC but I explained to them that is what you have to do sometimes and just remember the less rank you have the nicer you need to be about it.
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