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That's why I don't want to do an FFL transfer.

The cheapest way to own a gun in Hawaii is to buy it out of state and bring it in your checked luggage on the airplane. When you arrive in Hawaii, you have 72 hours to register the gun with the police dept. I've brought in several guns to Hawaii this way when I was a Virginia resident.

Now that I'm an Hawaii resident, I would like to buy guns in Florida as a non-resident (when I visit my Dad in Venice, FL) and then bring the guns back with me to Hawaii in checked luggage on the airplane.

I'm pretty sure I cannot buy handguns in Florida as a non-resident. But how about buying long-guns as a non-resident AND taking possession of them while in Florida? Can I do this?

I'm trying to find a way to avoid the high cost of buying guns in Hawaii, and the high cost of FFL transfers here and shipping costs. (In Hawaii, you actually have to apply and pay $50 for a permit to buy a gun! Then you have xx number of days to buy it from the store you applied to buy it from and are authorized for. It's a big bureaucracy...)

EDIT: I was very good about buying all the guns I could when I lived in Virginia before I moved to Hawaii. But the AR-15 complete lower receiver was the only one I didn't get before I left.
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