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The Kingsbury range is constructed the same as the said Atterbury range, just a little smaller. They offer 50 yard rifle, 100 yard rifle and 7,10, and 25 yard pistol ranges, archery ranges and a shotgun range as well. Skeet throwers are also provided at no extra charge. The cost is only a meer $4.00 per person all day.

As axel mentioned safety is paramount and it sounds like the Huntington range operates for the most part the same way as Kingsbury's range...

There is about a fifteen minute round of live fire, at one minute before a cease fire the range master will announce "One minute till cease fire." This will give you time to empty your magazine or unload your weapon(s).

At the cease fire.. "Cease fire cease fire, shooters, open all actions, unload and bench all firearms and step behind the yellow line."

The range master checks to be sure everyone has stepped back and then gives permission to go forward into the target area. After a few minutes he will announce "Shooters on my left ready? Shooters on my right ready?" This gives him and other fellow shooters to look out for one another to be sure everyone is clear down range. He will then announce you are clear to load and fire. Then the next cycle begins. There is to be NO handling of firearms during a cease fire period, at Kingsbury this is strictly enforced, that includes packing up to leave.

IMO the DNR has spent their money well constructing the ranges and training the range masters to provide a safe and enjoyable place to shoot.

I recall our range master saying it was about 1.5 million for the construction of our range as well. For the cost of admission and the safety of a manned range it's money well spent.
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