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Helpfull hints for a first bow set up would IMO be.

1. Buy a bow in the 36" to 38" range. (Forgiving yet still short enough for stand hunting)

2. Do not start with a bow that pulls to hard for you. You do not have to go with a 70 or 80 lb pull to kill deer.

3. Use a peep site or a kisser button so you know your anchor point isn't changing.

4. Use sights (these can be removed later if you want to try instinctive shooting)

5. A release aid is VERY helpfull to increase accuracy.

6. A removable bow mounted quiver is very handy making it easier to carry your equipment into the woods.

Last year I changed from a 47" overall, Aero Force Bow to a 31" axle to axle Buckmaster Generation 2 bow and am VERY happy with the shorter bow. I always had problems manuevering the longer bow between and around branches and tree stands while using it. Pick a quality bow from any of the big name manufacturers and you'll be sure to be happy.
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