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An Appeal to my Fellow Georgians

I received this email today from Roy Beck's Numbers USA. I apologize for the formatting problems, got to for a better view. Please write and call our senators and beg them to come to their senses on this immigration issue. Thank you.


Your two U.S. Senators are working overtime trying to convince Georgia voters that the Bush/Kennedy Comprehensive Amnesty bill will solve the state's illegal immigration problem.

Unfortunately for you -- and for their political careers -- the bill (S. 1348) won't come close to ending illegal immigration, as I'll show you conclusively later in this email.

In fact, it will do almost nothing important that Sens. Chambliss and Isakson say it will do.

That is the conclusion of our Director of Government Relations (Rosemary Jenks, whom we hired from the top of Harvard Law School in 2001). And it is the conclusion of Sen. Sessions (R-Ala.) and his staff. And of Sen. Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Dorgan (D-North Dakota) and their staffs -- and many more.

I beg you to look at this analysis below and to then do everything you can to help your two Senators turn away from this disastrous mess they are in.


I think Chambliss & Isakson want to believe the talking points that the White House is giving them, even though by now they are privately desperately afraid that they've been lied to.

The truth is that the White House's and Sen. Kennedy's legislative writers HAVE lied to them.

Your two Senators have backed themselves into a tough corner by being so laudatory of S. 1348 because they were involved in negotiating the Grand Compromise. But they have an out, and you need to help them use that out.

First, let me say that we -- and most of you Georgians -- strongly disagree with Chambliss and Isakson that it would be worth giving 12-20 million illegal aliens permanent access to U.S. jobs and residence in exchange for the enforcement they claim is in the bill.

They think it would be worth a mass legalization in exchange for ending illegal immigration in the future.

We, on the other hand, don't think there is any reason to have to trade. Why not just have that enforcement without the amnesty?

But that is a point for later debate.

Can't you help Chambliss and Isakson see that the writers of this bill have undermined the whole enforcement part of this and that the deal should be off?

They have repeatedly said that if this bill comes to a final vote in a form that doesn't guarantee the necessary enforcement that they will vote against it.

Your job is to show them that the bill as written right now fails the test.


Here is what Sen. Sessions said the other day and it sums up quite nicely the terrible thing that George Bush, Ted Kennedy and John McCain have done to Georgia's two Senators to whom we will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that they trusted their fellow negotiators to write legislative language that matched the public talking points:

"It is clear the people who drafted this legislation had an agenda and the agenda was not to meet the expectations of the American people.

"The agenda was to create a facade and appearance of enforcement, an appearance of toughness in some instances.

"When you get into the meat of the provisions and get into the bill and study it, tucked away here and there are laws that eviscerate and eliminate the real effectiveness of those provisions. It was carefully done and deliberately done. This is a bill that should not become law.

"It is a bill that will come back to be an embarrassment to our Members who have supported it. I wish it were not so. I know how these things happen. You do not always have time to do everything you want to do. You try to do something you think is right, but ultimately in a bill as important as this one that has tremendous impact on the future of our country and our legal system and our commitment to the rule of law, we ought to get it right. We ought not to let this one slide by. It is not acceptable to say, letís just pass something and we will send it to the House and maybe the House of Representatives will stand up and stop it and fix it. That is not acceptable for the great Senate of the United States."

----------Sen. Jeff Sessions, Senate Floor, May 23, 2007

in this email:
1. Sen. Sessions describes how White House tricked Chambliss & Isakson

2. PACS preparing to recruit challengers for next Georgia Senate primary elections

3. No Computerized Exit System to know when temporary workers & visitors have overstayed their visas and become illegal aliens

4. Amnesty is given before enforcement and before any triggers have to be certified

5. Enforcement Triggers are about process but not about results of actually reducing illegal immigration

actions in brief:
1. Check your personalized ACTION BUFFET twice each day for new action opportunities to defeat the S. 1348 Bush/Kennedy Amnesty in votes next week.

2. Read up-to-minute vote tallies and descriptions of all Senate amendments and floor action -- on our website.
2 Political Action Committees Beginning Search for Primary Challengers to Chambliss & Isakson If They Vote YES

Two political action committees have announced that they will begin recruiting primary opponents for Senators who vote YES on the S. 1348 Bush/Kennedy Comprehensive Amnesty.

Other PACs are expected to announce similar plans soon.

K.C. McAlpin of the U.S. Immigration Reform PAC and William Gheen of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC have said they are especially looking at potential challengers in Georgia after the Senate votes on S. 1348.

They say they see a number of U.S. Representatives from Georgia who are strongly against an S. 1348 type of compromise who they hope will consider a challenge against Chambliss in 2008 and against Isakson in 2010 if either of them votes YES.

And they indicate that there is a large number of members of the state legislature who already are so outraged at the possibility of a YES vote that they are indicating possible interest in a challenge.

In light of that, I make this special appeal to just you Georgians who have supported Sens. Chambliss and Isakson. You are people who should be able to have the most influence over them.

So, I appeal to those of you who have voted for them and believed in them -- for those of you who do not want to have to support primary challengers in their next elections ......... ........

please use every contact you have to get these two Senators' staffs to read the language of the bill (to go through the language with Sen. Sessions' staff) and see that they must back Chambliss and Isakson away from their support of S. 1348 if they are to retain the confidence of Georgians in the future.
"Still, a definite ominous pattern emerges, one thatís undeniable to everyone except those who live in denial." -
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