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Stopped into the range today and met Ron Mason. So far he seems like a good guy. I asked about some of his associations and he sounds like a shotgun Pro and not as much a hand gunner or black rifle man.
Through RNC and DNR this is a cold range. Do not wear your pistol into this facility. LEO on duty only are allowed to carry hot on facility. Defensive and or tactical handgun courses will not be held at this facility.
Hunting safety courses and shotgun classes may be offered at different times of the year.
Ron is getting a website built. DNR website is not accurate with updated info.

Tue-Sun 9-7 EDT
Wed-Sun 9-5 EST(I know there is a typo in here. This is what is on the flyer verbatem.)

36 @ 7, 15, and 25 yards
36 @ 50 feet (see note above)
20 @ 50 yards
10 @ 100 yards

$1 /hour
$80 annual adult
$40 Annual youth 16 and younger
$5 round
$120 annual adult +$2.50 a round
$60 annual youth 16 and younger +$2.50 a round

I asked how long the lease was for and Ron said it was for a number of years and refused to say how many?
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